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Playing hooky

I've been playing hooky from serious writing this week. I need to make some plot decisions, but I was also starting to stress out a little too much. Normally, writing is fun. I love it.

When it stopped being fun, I decided to take a few days off from my manuscript. I read a couple of novels from my TBR pile, checked out episodes from a few shows I've heard about, and mostly ignored my MS.

That's not to say I'm not thinking about it. I am. A lot. And my next story, too. I just needed to take a break and quit associating my book with the negative feelings I was starting to have.

I also decided to simplify a bit. A year ago when I started writing, I didn't belong to RWA (no email loops, online courses, or volunteer duties), didn't subscribe to writing magazines or read blogs, or have my own blog. In essence I knew nothing of the industry. I had endless hours to write, and I wrote without self-imposed goals or deadlines, just for the pure joy of it.

Ah, ignorance is bliss.

Speaking of ignorance, it occurred to me recently that I'm spending too much time on the industry side of publishing now and it's sapping my creative juices. So, I made some cuts. Unnecessary blogs, unnecessary emails, gone.

And, while I'm still reading craft books, I'm cutting back so my mind doesn't get too cluttered while in the midst of writing.

I can breathe better already. Playing hooky is good for the soul sometimes. Better now than when (fingers crossed) I have real deadlines.

How about you? Do you ever play hooky?

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  1. Christine


    Good idea, Gwen. Sometimes all the publishing end of the writing world can sap one’s creative juices. I know I like to draw back a bit from all the clutter when I am in full on writing mode.


      • Christine


        I’m glad it’s helping 🙂
        Onward ho for me–got another contest entry to get ready which helps take the sting out of all the cutting and slashing into the current WIP. I was soooo close to 60,000, but that’s okay. I’ll get close again 🙂

  2. Reply

    I can totally relate. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with trying to keep informed about what’s happening in the industry and getting smart on the craft that I get down on the whole writing experience. Also, I was the same way when I started writing. I just wrote and wrote and thoroughly enjoyed myself… but created an unpublishable MS! With everything, we need balance. Enough to improve ourselves, but not so much as to make us forget why we enjoyed writing in the first place. And I played some hooky last week when I hit a plot snag. I agree: it’s nice to take a breather sometimes! I think it helps the snags work themselves out.

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