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Procrastination Station

Need a break from all that hard work? Check out some of these fun sites:

Cake Wrecks: This site had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. Funny mistakes, and some desserts that are just plain wrong.

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotes: For the grammar geek who needs a laugh. Has a blogroll of “humorous” grammar sites.

My Husband is Annoying: Next time you're irritated with your own spouse, check out this site. Maybe he's not so bad after all…

Passive-aggressive notes: For the non-confrontationalist in each of us.

Bad Parking: Now you have a place where you can rant about those annoying people who don't know how to park.

Now, why can't my research always be this fun? Got any humorous sites to share?

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  1. Christine


    NO I must not go to these sites. Quick… erase now.
    I go to YouTube or watch American Idol auditions if I want to get a good laugh.

  2. Martha W


    Oh no, Christine! You’ve got to check out the passive-aggressive site… hilarious! Thanks, Gwen!!

  3. Reply

    Cake Wrecks and Unnecessary Quotes were my two favorites, but I try not to spend too much time at any of them. I did have fun researching, though!

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