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Analyze that

In response to a recent post, one of my friends who is quite a talented artist mentioned to me that artists often have CPs, too. Having no painterly talent myself, I always assumed that you prepped the canvas, laid down the paint over however many days you needed, and then, voila!, you were done. Finis. End of story. Er, painting.

Not so! Just as parts of a plot line may be unclear, so too with a painting (or drawing, sculpture, etc…). Not enough negative space? Applies equally to both pursuits. Just as my colorful characters must work well together, so must the colors in a work of art. If they don't work, the project may need a revision.

This insight doesn't change how I write, but I found it interesting that our disparate, creative, solitary pursuits had similarities I hadn't thought of.

(And if I've screwed up any of the art stuff, I plead my ignorance and ask for forgiveness. 😉 )

Squirrel News: As great as the Daily Squirrel has been at forcing me to get creative, it is now eating up too much of my writing time. I've decided to make it a weekly event, with the potential for a bonus squirrel now and then if I'm feeling inspired. 😉

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  1. Martha W


    Okay, I am really bummed about the squirrel losing ground but totally understand why.

    Now I’ll live for the once-per-week posting. *grin*

  2. Christine


    I love the artist’s perspective. How true — creative endeavors are never easy. My DD’s former voice teacher went back for her masters in music/or maybe a PhD. She has to revise and finish a musical for her thesis. AACK. I can’t even IMAGINE combining music, lyrics and the “book” of words.

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