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It takes a village

It may be years before I get to put a dedication page in a published book, but I already have a lot of people to thank. So, I'm writing a message now, to acknowledge those who've helped and supported me so much during my first year of writing.

Thanks to my husband for not laughing when I told him I wanted to write, for supporting me no matter what, and for reading my book despite not being in the target market. 😉 I couldn't write romance without a hero of my own.

I owe my boys for their interest and enthusiasm, and for mostly staying out of my way when I need a quiet space. And for being such great kids. Period. They will make great heroes themselves, someday.

Thanks to my parents for their lifetime of support, encouragement, and adventure. I wouldn't be me without you!

I owe my great friend Michele a huge debt of gratitude for listening to me rattle on about writing in the early months on our long, often cold, walks. She read my first draft with enthusiasm and asked great questions, pointed out plot problems, and made me feel like I didn't completely suck at writing. She's my cheerleader.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Michele's husband for putting up with us, and answering my law enforcement questions. Thanks, Brandon.

My aunt and uncle, Linda and Rick, pitched in with an early read and some valuable feedback, as well as morale support. I'm so lucky to have such great family support.

The Southern Magic chapter members have taught me so much and are always willing to answer questions and provide encouragement. I want to give a special shout out to Laura Hayden, Jennifer Echols, Christy Reece, M.V. Freeman, and Lynn Raye Harris. Thanks, ladies!

One specific member deserves her own line. My critique partner, Christine, has taught me more than any other single person I've met. She gives honest, helpful feedback, shares her knowledge and time selflessly, and pushes me to be my best. She has been awesome!

And, thanks to all of the wonderful, supportive people I've met through RWA and the online community. Writing is a solitary pursuit, but there's no way we can do it alone. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to write a book.

Happily, my village keeps growing.

(No squirrel. He's getting lazy and must sleep. I'll have to scold him about that. ;-))

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  1. Christine


    You have worked tremendously hard this year toward attaining your goals. I’m so happy for you with all you’ve accomplished.

    Now back to slogging away at the WIP–in the dreaded middle zone…. aack.

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