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A Serial Committer

I'm a serial committer. Like Einstein, but without the astounding genius. What the heck is that, you ask? A serial committer is someone who gives themselves completely to what they're working on…until they move on to something else. Basically, it means I function best in a project-oriented environment.

I realized this about myself fairly early on, and sought to find jobs that demanded that type of temperament. Programming. Yep. Teaching. Yep. Manufacturing. Double yep. I even got my certification in Project Management.

The thing was, as much as I love moving every few years (you know, that pesky Air Force thing), it makes career advancement difficult. I didn't seriously consider writing until I quit my job, got bored, and remembered how much I liked crafting prose.

Turns out writing is a great fit (well, except that I'm not getting paid yet)–since it is by nature project-based–and even meets some of my other ideal career requirements:

  • Keeps my brain actively engaged and challenged
  • Requires me to constantly learn new things
  • Uses creative problem-solving
  • Career advancement is tied to performance and skill (combined with determination and a lot of luck)
  • I can work when I want, where I want, and wear what I want. (Like working 7-1 on your couch in pajamas? No problem.)
  • I work for myself. Like any self-employed person, I (will) have clients rather than bosses. Yes, you still have to give them what they want, but I'm in charge of when and how I do it, as long as I meet their requirements and deadlines.
  • It's fun, and I'd do it for no pay at all. (Good thing, since it could be a while. <g>)

What are your ideal job requirements? If you're a writer, what makes it the right career for you?

The Daily Squirrel: gum

The boy on the other side of the locker door stared her down and sucked in his gum with a series of loud pops. Kate flinched with each ear-splitting crack, but her gaze didn't waver in spite of her legs of jelly.

“Hand over the money, Four-eyes,” Dean said with a sneer.

Without looking away from him, she shook her head. “No.” The bullying had gone on long enough. Someone had to stand up to Dean and his gang. Fear prickled her neck, and set an erratic beat within her chest, but she stood firm. “No.”

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  1. Christine


    I am also a serial committer because I bore easily. Once I master a task, I move on. Thus, the only two careers destined to challenge me till I die are MOTHERHOOD and writing. Ditto on your list and I’ll add some more reasons I love to write (despite the fact I am not paid–yet)—

    *I only have to wear pantyhose once in a blue moon.
    *I can write in my pajamas
    *I meet amazing people who are passionate about their work
    *I can put pictures of Hugh Jackman and other hunks all over my office

    • Reply

      I used to say exactly that all the time! Once I master something then I’m bored. It did not stand me in good stead with the traditional jobs I had. Thus my extended-length resume. 😉

      I like your additions to the list. I’ve never liked pantyhose (always wore slacks), and I love the writing friends I’ve made. And, you’re right, motherhood is another challenge that I’ll never feel I’ve mastered.

  2. Martha Warner


    Wait. You’re supposed to feel like you mastered motherhood? Who said that? Where are they? Do they have kids?? LOL!

    I’m right there with you guys. Heck, we could probably have a PJ party just for us writers! Of course, it’d have to be at your house, ’cause it’s snowing up here! *grin*

    What do I love about writing? It gives my mind a break. All day long my imagination runs wild, but when I get home and can hit the computer… aaahhhh! All of that craziness hits the screen and it feels like I’ve had a therapy session.

    You know how people inspire you to mold characters after them… well, the same thing happens for situations too. If someone makes me happy – that makes it’s way into the pages. And you guessed it, if someone really ticks me off – it’s homicide by novel! *tongue in cheek*

    Great post, Gwen!

  3. Christine


    Ah Motherhood–I call it the an exasperating exhilaration. The definition suits writing as well LOL.

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