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Dog Days



After I quit working full-time, we bought an adorable golden retriever puppy that we named Zoe. I envisioned the sweet bond forming between boys and dog, sitting at my desk with her curled up at my feet while the boys were at school, and a furry running partner.

The reality has been a little less ideal. Even though the kids love her, walking the dog, or playing in the yard with her quickly became a chore for them. And that dream of a lazy dog curled up at my feet hasn't quite materialized (although she will occasionally submit).

When I take her running, she drags along behind me showing little inclination to keep up (and I'm by no means speedy). This earned her the nickname “furry boat anchor” from my husband who recently took her jogging while I was away for the day.

Zoe has become an adorable distraction from writing who requires a daily walk, several trips outside, a watchful eye around paper products and trash cans, and who must be monitored carefully lest she dig a hole through to the neighbor's yard.

But, when she's not around the house feels empty. She makes me smile, she soothes my stress (when she's not digging!), and she never talks back.

Oh, I guess we'll keep her for now.

The Daily Squirrel: guitar

She rested the guitar on her thigh, running her hands over the smooth surface. Hesitantly, she plucked a few strings and listened to the rich tones as they reverberated through the instrument. She smiled as she tuned it the way her dad had shown her so many years ago. Satisfied, she closed her eyes and began to play.

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