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Breaking through the wall

What do you do when you hit a wall in your writing? I’m under a tight—self-imposed—deadline to get Blind Justice to my editor and I was absolutely stuck on how to approach the climactic scene. I only work with loose outlines and don’t usually have a solid idea for the ending until I’m more than

How to lose your muse in 10 days

1. Don’t write regularly. 2. See #1. Seriously, that’s it. In my experience, your muse doesn’t show up for work unless you do. All the other stuff about setting aside the time, figuring out your goals, avoiding distractions…those are just tactics for getting your body in front of the keyboard. To write regularly. Only you

Backing away from writer’s block

I’m finally learning that if I get writer’s block, it’s probably because I took a wrong turn with my book along the way. I’m not sure why I’d forgotten this, but sadly, I’ve done this with every book so far. It usually happens somewhere around the midpoint, and when I look back I realize that

Knocking down blocks

Yesterday I hit a block. I tried repeatedly to start a scene, and just couldn’t make it happen. My people (characters) thought the scene was boring and they wanted nothing to do with it. They were right. What finally pulled me out of my state of stumped was Shirley Jump‘s Rule of Six. I’m taking