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iPhoto & WordPress play nice

One of the reasons I’m good with computers—and modest too, right?—is because I’m generally not afraid to play with a new program or feature. I learned a long time ago that it’s pretty hard to do something unrecoverable on a computer.

Except that time I used Shift+Delete (bypasses the Recycle Bin in Windows) on some photos of my kids…

So maybe you noticed in WordPress that you can now drag and drop photos into the Add Media box instead of clicking the Select Files button to retrieve them. I assumed this meant from Finder or Explorer, which it does.

But then one day in a fit of laziness, I tried dragging a picture directly from iPhoto. It worked! Hot diggety.

For example, what if I wanted to insert a photo of one of Bermuda's many chickens that roamed our resort? Here's what it would look like being dragged from iPhoto onto the WordPress Add Media window.

Dragging rooster pic from iPhoto to WordPress

And there's the lovely rooster himself.

Well, then I got to thinking as I’m wont to do. Would it work on an attachment in an email? Why yes, yes it would.

What about a photo in an MS Word for Mac document? Um, no.

But hey, it was worth a try.

So, thanks to WordPress for giving us an easy way to add photos. Have you found any other programs that work with the drag-and-drop feature?

UPDATE 1/12/12: You can also drag from the Show Downloads button on Safari (upper right corner, circle with down arrow button). Super handy for adding media downloaded from stock photo sites!