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Where I am this week

I’m all over the place this week! Yesterday I wrote a personal post for my group site Kiss and Thrill about how much I love visiting places I’ve read about, and reading about places I’ve visited (complete with pictures). I’d love it if you stopped by to tell me about a book you enjoyed because you

Feeling like a rock star in MT

Sometimes you feel like a rock star. Last weekend in Montana was my turn. Thanks to the lobbying efforts of a former student—writing instructor and novelist Dennis Foley—I was invited to speak at the Flathead River Writers Conference (FRWC) in Kalispell, near Glacier National Park. This was the first time I’d been paid to attend a

Rocky Mountain Highlights

I love teaching workshops. Not only do I get to meet some really neat authors and talk about my favorite piece of software ever, but sometimes I even get to play tourist (like on my March trip to California). My weekend visit to Colorado Springs was no exception. Eight years ago I spent a month

Fun in the UK

On our recent 12-day trip to England, Scotland, and Wales my husband and I took almost 2000 pictures. (That’s what happens when your cell phone is easier to whip out than your camera.) Most of those pictures are of the incredible scenery, ancient architecture, and, uh, food I ate. But one of the things I

Oh, Canada

My husband needed to take some time off or risk losing it, so we decided to give our passports a little work out and head to our neighbors up north last week. First stop: Niagara Falls (Canadian side). I hadn’t been to the Falls since I was eight, so I was excited to see them


As far as I’m concerned, it’s not a good year if I don’t use my passport. I love to travel. I enjoy learning unexpected quirks about a new place, the sound of a foreign language, getting a deeper sense of a location’s history, or finding an unanticipated gem of nature. I like the reminder that