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Thanks to you

Thank you for being part of my online community, for reading my books and blog posts and newsletters, for taking my classes, for commenting and writing and spreading the word to your friends. I’m truly grateful to be able to write and teach, and that’s all due to you. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have at least one thing to be grateful for today. I am truly thankful to all of you for being part of my writing and reading community. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, have a wonderful day.

Thanks for that

According to several articles I’ve read lately (like this one), gratitude is one of the keys to success. Not just saying thank you when someone passes the pepper, or being glad that you have a loving family and your health (though those are all good), but finding something each day about which you can be

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow, this marks the third Thanksgiving on my blog! Thanks to all of my followers and readers. I’m grateful to have you with me to share the long, bumpy ride to publication. The things I’m thankful for don’t change much (as evidenced by my list from 2009), but always include the health and support of

Why I love Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is becoming one of my favorite holidays. It’s a good time to be with family without the pressure to produce gifts, and there’s no insane two-month long build up that ends up being anti-climactic the way Christmas often is. As my friend, Aaron, stated nicely in his own blog, Thanksgiving is an American holiday

It takes a village

It may be years before I get to put a dedication page in a published book, but I already have a lot of people to thank. So, I’m writing a message now, to acknowledge those who’ve helped and supported me so much during my first year of writing. Thanks to my husband for not laughing