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Paper books: my low-tech treat

I love reading on my Nook or iPad. I’m a techie, gadget girl at heart, but beyond the cool factor of carrying an entire library of books on one slim device, I love the convenience. Finished reading a book while on vacation? No problem, just open another. Or download a new one—as if I’ll ever

Stranger than fiction

Readers rarely tolerate a convenient coincidence in a book. Yet real life is rife with them. Heck, ask any couple how they met and you’ll likely be amazed at how tenuous and chancy the circumstances were. A recent coincidence in my own life got me thinking about it. Two weekends ago, The Engineer and I

Inventions to make Q proud

I always thought Q stole the show in the James Bond movies. Bond might be more like the hero in one of my novels, but Q was the real hero coming up with gadgets to save Bond’s ass in any situation. He had a prescient knack for inventing the perfect toy for whatever predicament Bond