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Tech Tuesday: Annotations in Scrivener

Do you ever wish you could scribble on your manuscript? Maybe you want to make notes about a particular paragraph you’re struggling with, or mark a place that requires further research. You guessed it. Scrivener has a function for that. It’s called Annotations. Add an Annotation To activate the Annotation feature: Choose Format—>Inline Annotation. Type in your

Tech Tuesday: Templates in Scrivener

UPDATE: For the Scrivener 2.x templates post, click here. If you’ve been working in Scrivener for a while, you probably have it set up exactly the way you like it. You’ve modified the labels, opened the Inspector, created your own extra folders and files for things like unused scenes, research, productivity tracking, character sketches, and saved searches.

Tech Tuesday: Wolfram Alpha

Want to know what time the sun will set on November 1, 2010 in London, England? 4:35 pm–Crikey that’s early! Need to know the weather in Boston on July 15, 1980? Partly cloudy, high 91° Looking for the population of Ghana? 2.34 million Does your algebra student need help finding the roots of x³+2x²? -2,