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Letting go

Sometimes, we have to let go of our expectations. Of life, of others, and of ourselves. Okay, well, we don’t have to, but we’ll probably be really unhappy… I got a good reminder of this last week when I had a couple of trusted writer friends read my upcoming book. While they had good things

Fitting it all in

At a conference in Montana a couple of weeks ago, I gave a speech called “Fitting It All In”. It was about how I set things up to balance being a writer, instructor, mom, and world traveler. Sometimes I do it well, other times, not so much. I talked about both. But what I love

Fitting it all in

Last month I wrote more than 25,000 words. And—don’t hate me—it was easy. It’s been a long time since keeping a pace like that was doable. Last year I only had two months that good, and those were when I was writing Scrivener For Dummies under deadline. Not since I first started writing—back when I

Plotting my day

I’m most productive if I get my writing done before the rest of the day starts. Once it gets to nine or nine-thirty, I feel compelled to check and respond to email, comment on and promo my group blogs, and stop by Facebook and Twitter. If I sleep until eight, eat breakfast, and deal with

Good morning, night owl

I’m a confirmed night owl, but my boys’ new swim schedule is going to clip my wings. I’m not even sure an early riser would be happy getting up before four o’clock. Ugh. The solution is easy right? Go to bed at nine. Or earlier. But here’s the thing about a night person. Nine is