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Life is good

It’s been a disappointing day. My super-secret fun thing that was supposed to happen this morning (SWAT team barricade training) was canceled just before I walked out the door. At 4:00 am. After rolling out of bed at three. And then I got a rejection email for Blind Fury. But so what? In the scheme

The science of writing

Author Christina Dodd is celebrating her 20th anniversary since getting The Call. Wow! When I look at someone as successful and prolific (42 novels published) as her, it’s easy to think that it will never happen to someone like me. But she’s quick to point out that her journey to publication was long. Ten years

Never give up

I was sad yesterday when a woman I’ve never met gave up her dream. She’s a member of an online writing class that I’ve been taking, and she received another rejection. It was the last straw. She’s apparently been writing for twenty years without publication and has decided to “face facts”. Okay, granted, if I