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Moving into the fast lane

It’s been just over five weeks since I started prewriting my new MS. I gave myself six, so I’m glad that my planned timeline worked out. Even though it’s been hard to wait, I wasn’t ready to cruise into full writing mode until the last few days. But finally, research, brainstorming, outlining, and character backgrounds

Blank slate

I like to brainstorm on a whiteboard. In my dreams, it’s 6’x4’, rolling, and two-sided. In reality, it’s 16”x23” and lying unmounted on the carpet. There’s something about using a dry-erase board that taps into my creative side. I can use colors, make connections, write upside down if I want, and—probably most important—easily erase at

Trusting my process

I’m in pre-writing mode. It takes 4-6 weeks. I know this. And yet I still get frustrated when the process doesn’t go faster. I get frustrated when I think my outline sucks and the story premise blows and that I never should have started this story in the first place. And then I take a