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Why I read

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. ~ Stephen King You can find amazing things between the covers—actual or virtual—of a book. I’ve been a book lover since I first sounded out the words detailing Spot the dog’s adventures. As

Drop everything

Do you have a go-to author? You know, the one who’s latest books you must buy. The one for whom you’ll drop everything to read the latest release cover to cover? I have several, but one of my absolute favorites is Suzanne Brockmann. She writes romantic suspense with lots of military and law enforcement characters,

Same or different?

When my oldest son was in second or third grade, we lived about two hours from my parents. Whenever we visited, my son would go from room to room pointing out everything that my parents had changed since our last visit. My son is into the details. I’m the same way. I notice the bumper

Talk like a man

A recent tweet (unfortunately, I can’t remember whose) alerted me to the existence of an interesting site. It’s called the Gender Genie. What it does is take a snippet of text, analyze it, and guess whether it was written by a man or woman. My immediate thought was to use it to see if my

The Sunday Squirrel: Sunday Morning

John spotted Kelly and maneuvered in beside her. She was studying a painting of a girl looking out a window. Gee, now there was some imagination at work. Although, the artist had done a good job, and hell, it beat bowls of fruit. The girl could almost be in a photo. An underexposed photo, but


Be honest. Is your WIP GH-ready, or is it a POS? Not sure? Ask your CP for her POV about the GMC and SL in your MS. If you’re thinking, “WTF?” then read on. In the military a POV is your Personally Owned Vehicle, that is, your car. There’s an acronym for freakin’ everything in