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Pashmina love

Yes, believe it or not, today’s post is about a piece of clothing. And not a forgotten dress either. 😉 But don’t worry, I’m still as fashion-inept as ever…

Not being very fashion-minded, I didn’t get the whole pashmina craze. In fact, they’re probably going out of style as I’m discovering them. Story of my life. I’m so not a stole, shawl, drape kind of person.

And while I strive to be in the right decade with my clothes, I’m more about comfort—and price—than style. Hence the usual lack of high heels despite my lack of height.

But then my SIL bought me a pashmina wrap for Christmas. And I love it! Mostly for practical reasons, but what else did you expect?

Technical tidbit: Pashmina refers to the cloth made from goat's wool, but due to its popular use for the draping garment, pashmina is often used interchangeably with wrap or stole to describe items made from a variety of fabrics.

Sorry, had to geek out for just a sec. Onward…

So here’s why I’m in love with my pashmina, and might even buy more of them in other colors, or—crazy, I know—a pattern.

  1. It’s flexible. I can drape it over my shoulders like a shawl, use it like a small blanket, and even share it with another person. Usually Taz. (He calls it Pashmina like it’s a name. He’s almost 13, so this is not a cute toddler thing.) In a pinch, I could cover my head with it, or use it as a scarf.
  2. It’s thin. I can fold it up into a small, flat square and stick it in my tote bag. Much better than trying to stuff a sweater or jacket into my bag. I can even tie it to my purse strap so I won’t drop it. Perfect for conferences and air travel.
  3. It’s soft. It just feels nice.
  4. It’s lightweight and surprisingly warm. Often I only need a light layer to keep out the chill. For those times when a sweater would be too much, the pashmina is perfect.
  5. It’s versatile. My black wrap is simple enough to go with shorts and a T-shirt, but nice enough to wear with a dress or business clothes.
Yeah, I'm done waxing not-very-poetic about garments. Now if I could just find the perfect pair of jeans…
Is there some wardrobe item you can't live without?
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