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Leave me alone

“Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the people doing it.” Chinese Proverb

As writers, we face naysayers from all sides. Friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers often don’t understand what we do, how we can spend so much time doing it, or why we’re bothering to work toward such an impossible dream. They shy away from what they don’t understand.

And frankly, they probably wouldn’t truly understand even if you talked about your passion, your dream, your need to be more than average. After all, they might be content with who and where they are in life and resent that you’re not. Or worse, they might be angry or jealous that you’re going after your big goal and they don’t feel like they can do the same.

Maybe they’re bitter about the time you’re spending on yourself. Maybe they’re too unhappy with their own lives to be supportive of your efforts. Or maybe they think they’re protecting you from your own delusions.

Unfortunately, none of these people are likely to leave you to your work in peace. It’s your job to guard your time and your self-confidence from those who would drag you down.

With certain people, that might mean cutting them from your life, especially if they sabotage your time or confidence. For others, maybe it means not talking about the important things. Sad, but sometimes necessary with someone you want to keep around.

Ultimately, the buck stops with you. Keeping others from dragging you down is your responsibility. You can’t handle how others feel about the path you’ve chosen, but you do have control over how much time you spend with those people, and how much space you give them in your office and in your head.

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