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Feelin’ groovy

For the last two weeks, I’ve been so focused on moving out of the house in Alabama, moving into the apartment in Virginia, and searching for a new house, that I’ve done very little writing. I have all of my excuses at the ready. How hard it is to focus when crammed into a hotel

The MLS and the slush pile

We arrived in northern Virginia last night, and spent most of today trudging through depressingly horrible houses, hoping to find a gem. I’m sad to say we didn’t. Maybe this is what agents and editors feel like when reading submissions. The query letters (MLS listings) showed the houses to their best advantage with glowing praise

Rear window

My rear window is where Alabama will be by this time tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s finally here!! We have my husband’s graduation in the morning, our rental walk-through in the early afternoon, then we weigh the cars (fully loaded this time), and we’re outta here! Can you tell I’m excited? I don’t hate Alabama.

Get a move on

My posting schedule will be erratic for the next few weeks as we finish up in Alabama and head to Virginia. The four of us are stepping all over each other in the hotel room, and unfortunately we can’t leave until after graduation on Monday (required attendance). Don’t get me started on the planning that

Sweet (temp) home Alabama

Nine days until we strike out for Virginia. Most of you know that I’m more than ready to leave Alabama, but I didn’t hate–or even dislike–it here. In fact there are several things I will miss. So here’s my own list of the best things about my 10 months in Prattville (in random order): Very

Ramblin’ (wo)man

We leave Alabama in 11 days. But who’s counting? *jumps up and down waving arms* Me! Me! I know I said it was finally real 10 days ago, but now it’s really real. The first round of packing begins tomorrow with the garage. The movers probably figured this would take them a whole day, or

7 x 3 =

Twenty-one days. That’s it. I only have 21 days–OMG–left in Alabama! I’m not knocking Alabama, but northern Virginia is definitely more my style. I’m ready to go back. This assignment to DC will be the first time we’ve been stationed someplace we’ve already been. Normally, I wouldn’t be very happy about it–I like to explore