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To all the veterans

Today I honor the men and women of all races, ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, political beliefs, religions (or lack thereof), and even different nationalities who’ve served in the US armed forces. I appreciate your commitment and sacrifice—and that of your families—whether you faced armed conflict or faced a computer. Special thanks to my husband, father,

Home is where you make it

There’s a part in the movie Joe Dirt where the old Cajun man tells Joe, “Home is where you make it.” Of course, Joe misunderstands to (dubious) comic effect, but the old guy has a point. In the military, we say “Home is where the Air Force/Army/Navy/Marines/Coast Guard sends you.” Right now in the middle

Roam if you want to

Saturday was Bastille Day. I have a special affinity for July 14th because we were in Paris on Bastille Day in 2010, nearing the end of one of the best family vacations we’ve ever taken. One we still talk about frequently with smiles on our faces. I’m an explorer by nature. I love to travel