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Paper books: my low-tech treat

I love reading on my Nook or iPad. I’m a techie, gadget girl at heart, but beyond the cool factor of carrying an entire library of books on one slim device, I love the convenience. Finished reading a book while on vacation? No problem, just open another. Or download a new one—as if I’ll ever

Take note, paper

I may never take notes on paper again. Not if I can help it, anyway. I took my iPad to my chapter meeting. Not only was the presentation noteworthy, but for me, so was the process of jotting it all down. I’ve long wanted to take my laptop to such events, but for various reasons

The iPad cometh

Okay, I’m super busy, but I just had to mention that I got a new iPad 3, and it’s awesome. I’m still playing around with it, but one of these days I’ll put up some posts about how to use the iPad with Scrivener. And when Scrivener for iPad comes out–someday–I’ll be ready. 🙂 Photo