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Good karma

Forget the 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago I was drooling over last year. You know, the one that looks like a fighter jet without the wings, and has the really cool doors that swing up like a Swiss Army knife? (Okay, maybe forget is a little harsh…)

I'm going green. My new drool-worthy automobile is the 2010 Fisker Karma. According to Fisker, it's the “World's First Luxury Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle”. It was designed as a more elegant alternative for the Prius-driving Leonardo DiCaprios and Ben Afflecks of the world. Oh yeah, and the King of Denmark's chauffeur has already had all the fun.

Environmentally friendly, and sexy? I'm all over it.

My husband bought a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid and we love it. In warm weather city driving, he can get up to 55 mpg! When I bought my CR-V the next year, I was hoping Honda would have a hybrid version available, but alas, they didn't (and still don't). Still, downsizing from my old Ford Explorer took me from 18 mpg highway to as much as 36 mpg.

Just think of all the gas money and carbon emissions I would have saved on my old 70-mile round-trip commute between Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo, CA.

Sure, I lost a little cargo space (can't haul drywall anymore), but I doubled my gas mileage. It's cheaper to just rent the Lowe's utility truck by the hour for the few times I need the extra capacity than to pay an extra $10K for a Toyota Highlander Hybrid that gets the same gas mileage as my CR-V.

So back to the Fisker. At $80,000, we'll probably be in flying cars before I have the money for it, so I'll just have to drive one in my dreams. Hmm. Maybe my next hero can be rich and green… ūüėČ

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