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The best bad grade I ever got

During the second quarter of my freshman year of high school, I got a “D” in a class I easily could have aced: physical education (PE). Why? Because I let myself be swayed by a friend. She was perpetually late for class, and begged me to wait for her while she finished dressing out. So

Lessons from my son

My 14-year-old son—I call him Taz online—is learning to ride a unicycle. Yes, really. After a few weekends of practice, he’s already pretty good at it. I’ve spent his whole life trying to teach him what I think he needs to know before he leaves home in just a few years—sniff, sniff—but I think there

Plotting my day

I’m most productive if I get my writing done before the rest of the day starts. Once it gets to nine or nine-thirty, I feel compelled to check and respond to email, comment on and promo my group blogs, and stop by Facebook and Twitter. If I sleep until eight, eat breakfast, and deal with

2012 hits and misses

No matter what plans might have fallen by the wayside in 2012, I can’t be too disappointed since it’s the year I became a published author. Hard to beat that. Well, except by becoming a published romantic suspense author with a fat advance, awesome covers, a multi-book deal, and a gazillion sales. 😉 Hey, I

NaNo OhNo

There’s a lot to learn from participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Usually it teaches me that I can do more than I ever thought possible. It rejuvenates my writing soul and builds my confidence. Plus, I love winning! 😉 But there’s something to be learned from failure too, which made this year’s NaNo

Patience, grasshopper

Martial arts are a lesson in patience. It took me two years to reach First Brown (the second level of brown belt, just before black) when I was in Tae Kwon Do, and that was with an intensive practice schedule for the last six months. Then I injured my shoulder, my husband got his black

A meaningful life (redux)

In honor of the one year anniversary of Steve Job’s death, I wrote an updated post about his greatest legacy and my own quest for a life that matters. Stop by Everybody Needs a Little Romance to check it out. To read last year’s post, click here.