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No spoilers!

I hate spoilers. I know people who read the last page or last chapter of a book first, just so they can be sure they’ll be happy with the ending. No way, uh uh. I don’t even read the back cover copy (aka BCC)/description most of the time. Say what? I know, I know. If


Do you have enough conflict? Not in your life, in your book. My latest rejection from an agent mentioned some issues with the conflict. Not that it wasn’t there, but I clearly hadn’t handled it as well as I thought I had. I didn’t understand some of her feedback until I attended my WRW chapter

Fun with Dick and Jane

Goal: Determine GMC for my main characters Motivation: To write a better story with believable actions and conflict. Conflict: It’s hard work! I want to know what my characters want, why, and why they can’t have it. Yes, I’m working on my new book’s GMC. Again. Here’s the thing. This time around, I really need

Did I dazzle you?

“Did I dazzle you? Did I jump off the page?” Those two lines are from the movie 21, which my husband and I watched over the weekend. I actually liked it, but what really stuck with me were those two lines. In the movie, those words are thrown back in the face of a professor

Crack that WIP

Day three and I’ve already started over with Blind Fury. It’s okay because I’d only written 1600 words, and I’m up to 1800 new ones now, but still. I realized early on that the GMC I had before wasn’t working, and neither was the setting. Sometimes it can take me a while to admit that

What does he want?

I’ve started my next MS. Actually, I’m working on two of them at once–a first for me. Not sure it’s a good idea, but we’ll see what happens. My contemporary is coming along nicely. I have GMC pretty well in hand, and I’ve written the first few scenes. Blind Fury on the other hand, is