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References in Scrivener

[UPDATE 31Jan2020: For the Scrivener 3 version of this info, check out this post on Bookmarks at Writer Unboxed.] Importing research, images, and web pages into Scrivener is handy, but sometimes creating a reference might be a better option. When might you want to use a reference instead of importing? When you always want the

Take note, paper

I may never take notes on paper again. Not if I can help it, anyway. I took my iPad to my chapter meeting. Not only was the presentation noteworthy, but for me, so was the process of jotting it all down. I’ve long wanted to take my laptop to such events, but for various reasons

How do I love thee, Evernote?

When I first posted about Evernote last week, I had a feeling it would be a game changer. So far it’s living up to my expectations and has become an indispensable part of my life both for writing and everything else. And I’m not even using it to its full potential, I’m sure. Not only

Finders keepers

Okay, so after my recent¬†post about, you’re using it–or something similar–to save online articles and posts you want to read later. Right? The next step is to collect the “keepers”. Again, bookmarks get messy, printing wastes paper, and not everything applies to your current Scrivener project (hence you may not want to import it