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Energizing the electric car

Want instant acceleration, a smooth ride, and plenty of zip in your car? Go electric.

Why don’t we hear that more?

Why don't car companies appeal to our patriotism by emphasizing the independence from foreign oil that comes with a plug?

Texas cut back drastically on littering with their “Don’t Mess With Texas” campaign because it struck a chord with macho, patriotic young men. They used Dallas Cowboys football players to further the message, and basically made it cool to not litter.

Electric cars need a similar campaign.

I’m a bit of a tree hugger, so I don’t need you to sell me on a car’s powerful engine or superior handling, but I’m not the average American either. In general, we love speed, power, and style. Sure, Tesla’s cars have all of those in spades—plus an average run of almost 300 miles per charge!—but they also start in the mid-$50s, a bit out of most people’s price range.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Even the smaller cars like the Mitsubishi i-MiEV start at around $29K. And that puppy is small. I drove one over the weekend and was really impressed with its get-up-and-go, but not so much with its size or range. Good for a commuter car, not so much for a family car. And I say that as a mom who drives a small SUV instead of a minivan or large SUV.

So, come on, marketing people. Give me campaigns that emphasize the sexy, powerful, fun aspect of electric cars. Make them cool for macho young men and everyone else will follow. Make them a patriotic purchase that no red-blooded American can resist.

A Tesla Model S Signature and a Tesla Roadster

Designers, give us more cars like Tesla's, that marry style with function. Not everyone wants to drive an electric car—or hybrid for that matter, think Fisker Karma (drool)—that looks like an electric car. We just want cool cars that happen to be good for the Earth too.


All photos are my own work.