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Twenty-one days. That's it. I only have 21 days–OMG–left in Alabama!

I'm not knocking Alabama, but northern Virginia is definitely more my style. I'm ready to go back.

This assignment to DC will be the first time we've been stationed someplace we've already been. Normally, I wouldn't be very happy about it–I like to explore new places–but it was our favorite assignment in my husband's 14 years of service. Our to-do-list for the National Capital Region is still long and daunting in spite of the 3+ years we already spent there.

Just to infuse it with a sense of adventure, we're going to look for a house in a different area this time around, closer to DC.

And, in spite of months of anticipation, today the reality of the move finally clicked. Of course, we knew which week we'd be leaving before we even arrived last year, but knowing it and feeling it are two different things.

Why did it finally sink in today? Because I spent the whole day making it real. I had to schedule my son's follow-up dental appointment for tomorrow because the next available date was the day we leave town. I canceled all of our utilities. I applied for a mortgage pre-approval. The move estimator surveyed the house.

It's all coming together at the last minute, as it must.

We're trying to make dinners that use all of the condiments in the fridge and food in the pantry. We're making lists of things we need to take with us because we won't have our stuff again until August. You know, little things, like my clothes for the RWA conference and passports for our trip to Europe in July. Good timing, huh? ūüėČ

And just like that–bam!–it's real. We're moving.

In 21 days.

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Virginia dreaming

Usually, I'm California dreaming. I love the rocky coastline of central California (see this page's header), and the perfect weather. But, since we're not moving back there anytime soon, and Europe is off the table, my next choice is to go back to northern Virginia.

Inspired by Lee Lofland's Weekend Roadtrip posts, I decided to show in pictures some of the things I miss about Virginia/D.C.

The History (Monticello–Thomas Jefferson's House)

The Beauty (Great Falls National Park, Md side)
Great Falls

Great Falls 2

Fall Colors (Gainesville, VA)

The memorials, the National Mall, the shopping, the restaurants, the proximity to so many other big cities and places to go…and so much more! Okay, I don't miss the traffic or the cost of living, but seriously, it's been our favorite assignment so far and we're really hoping to go back.

What are some of your favorite places to live?

BTW, stop by the Romance Magicians blog to celebrate our 4th anniversary. Comment for a chance to win prizes!