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Words for a wonderful dad

I wrote this about my dad when I was 15 years old for a journaling assignment in English class. Not eloquent, but despite being a teen, I meant every word. Thanks to my father for being such an amazing and wonderful man and inspiring such positive feelings at an age when most kids would put their parents at the bottom of the favorites list.

My favorite person is my father.  I am closer to him than to anyone I know.  My Dad takes me to places I need to be and sometimes places I do not need to be.  He supports me in whatever I do.  May dad is also my tennis partner and teacher.  He is a very understanding man and he cares a lot about me.

No matter what situation we are in, or where we are, my dad can always make me laugh.  I can be myself with him and tell him almost anything.  We tease each other constantly and have many private jokes.  What I love most of all is the games we play.  He is so original.  For instance, one night we played basketball using a granola bar wrapper and a popcorn bowl.

My father is not always joking and playing games, he does have a serious side and he knows when to act accordingly.  He also sets rules and curfews I don’t always like.  I understand his reasoning most of the time and I know that it’s just for my protection and his peace of mind.  Many times we have disagreements and I tend to be a “Devil’s advocate”, but this is part of our relationship and it makes it interesting.

My father tries to educate me and keep me informed on what is happening throughout the world.  To me he is more than just my father; he is my teacher and my helper, and my best friend.