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Sweet (temp) home Alabama

Nine days until we strike out for Virginia. Most of you know that I’m more than ready to leave Alabama, but I didn’t hate–or even dislike–it here. In fact there are several things I will miss. So here’s my own list of the best things about my 10 months in Prattville (in random order): Very

Analyze that

In response to a recent post, one of my friends who is quite a talented artist mentioned to me that artists often have CPs, too. Having no painterly talent myself, I always assumed that you prepped the canvas, laid down the paint over however many days you needed, and then, voila!, you were done. Finis.


Be honest. Is your WIP GH-ready, or is it a POS? Not sure? Ask your CP for her POV about the GMC and SL in your MS. If you’re thinking, “WTF?” then read on. In the military a POV is your Personally Owned Vehicle, that is, your car. There’s an acronym for freakin’ everything in