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Getting into the Games

After much nagging from my kids, urging from writer friends, and the debut of the movie–which I thought was really well done–I finally decided I needed to read The Hunger Games. I’m not big into young adult fiction–though I loved the Harry Potter series–but I can see why Suzanne Collins’ books are such a big

Conflict breakdown: Sleepless in Seattle

I watched Sleepless in Seattle as homework for my upcoming Michael Hauge seminar, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to evaluate the movie in terms of conflict. I don’t go into great detail, but beware, I will spoil the ending. If you’re not familiar with the story, or don’t remember it well, you can

Conflict theory

What is conflict? An actress being stalked by one of her fans. A man wants to climb Mt. Everest but is afraid of heights. A woman wants a big family but her husband hates kids. With my latest WIP, I came to the realization that my conflict isn’t strong enough, neither internal nor external, despite


Do you have enough conflict? Not in your life, in your book. My latest rejection from an agent mentioned some issues with the conflict. Not that it wasn’t there, but I clearly hadn’t handled it as well as I thought I had. I didn’t understand some of her feedback until I attended my WRW chapter

Fun with Dick and Jane

Goal: Determine GMC for my main characters Motivation: To write a better story with believable actions and conflict. Conflict: It’s hard work! I want to know what my characters want, why, and why they can’t have it. Yes, I’m working on my new book’s GMC. Again. Here’s the thing. This time around, I really need