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View from above

Maybe you've heard of the Nazca lines in Peru–miles-long drawings carved into the earth. Or crop circles. Whether left by alien hand, or crafty locals, I'm fascinated by these pictures visible only from the air.

Some of the Nazca lines, including a spiral shape. Near Nazca, Peru.

Another interesting aerial view is of California City, CA near Edwards AFB. There are whole suburbs that were mapped out, streets dug and named, waiting for the big economic boom to make it the next Los Angeles. But the boom never came, the houses were never built, and the unpaved streets are a faded reminder of the dream that didn't happen.

California City's abandoned suburbs. Looks like a circuit board to me.

And since I was recently at the Palace of Versailles, I thought it interesting that from the air, the grounds are shaped like a person, complete with smile.

The face of Versailles.

Any interesting aerial views you'd like to share?

All photos by Google – Imagery, Digital Globe.