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Farm fresh

Bok choy, spring green onions, baby lettuce, swiss chard, french breakfast radishes, turnip greens, baby beets

This year, in an attempt to eat more local, organic produce, The Engineer and I joined a CSA—community supported agriculture—farm. Everyone who buys in gets an equal share of the crop.

With opportunities to help out with planting and harvesting, as well as occasional social events at the farm, it's a good way for our suburban kids to get exposure to rural life and the origins of their food.

Here in Virginia, the harvest season runs from May to October, so every Sunday for the next twenty-two weeks we’ll get another load of fresh goodies.

Today was the first pick-up day. This early in the season its mostly greens—and not as abundant as later in the season—but as the year goes on, we should get onions, tomatoes, squash, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, peas, and even some cut flowers.

We’re looking forward to eating around what’s in season, and trying new veggies we might otherwise not consider.