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Will tweet for ARCs

Last week I won a contest on Twitter, and this week I am the happy recipient of two advanced reading copies (ARCs) from Signet Eclipse/NAL publishers. All I had to do was tweet a response to the question “Why do you read romance?”, and follow the publisher on Twitter, of course. ūüėČ

My response was “Regardless of subgenre, it's all about the HEA for me. A few steamy scenes along the way never hurt either.”

Anyway, my tweet was chosen, along with three other lucky winners to receive the ARCs. Not sure how deep the pool was, but I never turn down free books, especially if I can read them before anyone else! My only disappointment was that I didn't receive the ARC of JoAnn Ross‘s new romantic suspense, The Homecoming. <sigh>

In case you're not familiar with the term ARC, it's an early copy of the book that's given to reviewers, bookstores, and magazines several months before the book is published for mass distribution. Final copy edits may still be made before publication. (FYI: I've updated my jargon post to incorporate ARC.)

These are the books I got, in case you were dying to know what an ARC looks like. I only hope one day to have a few of these with my name on them!

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