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Free Romantic Suspense anthology for a limited time 📚

Would you like 9 romantic suspense books to get you through the fall season? Wish granted! I’ve teamed up with a group of amazing authors to give you 9 full-length, enemies-to-lovers/opposites attract novels, absolutely FREE!

But only through September 30th, so don’t snooze on this one.


He's dangerous. Daring. Deadly. 

Everything about him is wrong, yet you can’t stay away. Sometimes the man you shouldn't want is exactly the man you need…

Opposites attract in this stunning multi-trope collection of romantic suspense novels that will drive you to the edge of your seat and take your breath away.

Download your copy of Protecting the Enemy now!

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Includes 9 full-length books from your favorite authors of romantic suspense:

  • Morgan James
  • Stephanie St. Klaire
  • Gwen Hernandez (that’s me 😉)
  • Anna Brooks
  • Sienna Snow
  • L.K. Shaw
  • S.M. West
  • Ellie Isaacson
  • Kenzie Macallan

This anthology disappears after September 30th, so get it before it’s gone!

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10 Free RS books in one, for a limited time

💘❤️‍🩹💔❤️ SURPRISE TREAT FOR MAY!!! ❤️❤️‍🩹💔💘

Do you love protective heroes? Smart heroines? Plots that scare the pants off you? Want to stock up for summer reading? How about TEN full-length Romantic Suspense novels on your ereader for free? I’ve got just the box set. I’ve joined together with nine other outstanding Romantic Suspense authors (some of my faves) to give you a fantastic, limited-time only boxed set called Dangerous Touch

Many titles—including mine—have never been free before. For all of May you can snap them up from your favorite vendors. Share with your friends ☺

COLD BLOODED by Toni Anderson
FIRESTORM by Rachel Grant 
RUNNING BLIND by Gwen Hernandez
STIFF DRINK by Blair Babylon
DEEP AS THE DEAD by Kylie Brant
SIMON SAYS… HIDE by Dale Mayer
DIVERTED by Lori Matthews
FIRST DO NO EVIL by Carey Baldwin


My contribution to the anthology is RUNNING BLIND (Men of Steele #4). Want to see the series’ namesake Kurt Steele—and the beautiful, tough pilot from previous books, Caitlyn Brevard—finally find love? If you haven’t read Running Blind, now’s your chance.

To rescue her sister from traffickers, Caitlyn must attend a gala with a fiancé she concocted to rebuff her boss's lecherous son. Can she convince former special operator Kurt to forgive past betrayals and play groom-to-be?

On top of that, there are nine other fabulous books—ALL FOR FREE…

Firestorm – Rachel Grant
A spy and Green Beret set off on a mission to stop a coup in DR Congo, entering a jungle in which everyone is after the mother lode. Deep in the sultry rainforest, they forge a relationship more precious than diamonds while uncovering a conspiracy that could ignite the continent. 

Stiff Drink – Blair Babylon
Arthur Finch-Hatten is six-feet four-inches of hot, ripped, loaded English nobleman who is wasting his life and his earldom so audaciously that his younger brother is suing him for control. Arthur stands to lose everything, including his cover as an MI-6 spy.

Protecting His Witness – Amy Gamet
Summer became a penpal to her Navy SEAL brother’s teammate, his letters claiming a place in 

her heart. But when her brother is killed, his friend disappears as well. Now her life is in danger and she seeks help from HERO Force, coming face-to-face with the man who'd stolen her heart.

Deep As The Dead – Kylie Brant
When Dr. Alexa Hayden becomes a serial killer's newest obsession, she and Sergeant Ethan Manning have to confront their painful past to predict the criminal's actions. The Tailor will leave no sin unpunished, and his unholy crusade has marked Alexa for death.  

HAN: Her Ruthless Mistake – Theodora Taylor
I should stay away from her. Let her pay me back some other way.

But I can't. She's golden sunshine wrapped in a sexy little package, lighting up all the dark parts of my heart. And when she asks me why I did it, two words rise without thought or reason.

You're mine.

Simon Says Hide – Dale Mayer
Newly promoted detective Kate Morgan stands up for the victims in the world, never backing down or giving up. Having the gift of Sight, Simon St. Laurant is determined to help. Simon vows to save these children—even if it means dealing with the cranky and critical Detective Kate Morgan.

Diverted – Lori Matthews
When Chief Petty Officer Axel Cantor is sent to investigate the death of an American journalist on a cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal, it should be an open and shut case. He didn’t count on running into his ex- girlfriend Sloan Bishop or a cold-blooded killer.

First Do No Evil – Carey Baldwin
Warning: Contents include one heart-melting hero—good luck getting this delicious detective out of your head. One reluctant heroine—wielding a Glock was never on her to-do list. One crazed villain. And a lifesaving vaccine with one deadly side effect—murder. 


Be sure to snap up this box set right away—and from as many retailers as you like (I always download from several just in case I decide to change devices LOL)—because this is a limited time offer and once it's gone, it's gone for good

If you happen to have loved and reviewed any of the individual titles, I’d be grateful if you posted that review on the boxed set on the vendor site of your choice or on Goodreads. Thank you!

And feel free to share this with a friend! 💕

10 FREE romantic suspense novels in one collection


I’ve joined nine other bestselling, award-winning romantic suspense authors to give you a fantastic, limited-time boxed set called DANGEROUS TO LOVE.

Honestly, it feels like a dream to be included with some of these authors who are personal favorites of mine, #1 New York Times bestselling authors, and RITA award winners.

But it’s not a dream that the entire set is FREE for you! Nearly a million words. A $50 value. Depending on how fast you read, this might get you through quarantine. 😉 Most titles—including mine—have never before been free.

FREE for one month only, so grab it today and tell your friends!


What’s included?

ENDGAME by Dee Davis
FBI profiler Madison Harper and CIA undercover operative Gabriel Roarke go together like oil and water, but there’s no denying the physical attraction.  As they work together to track down a murderer, Madison finds herself in the killer’s sights—and she and Gabriel must trust their instincts to stay alive.

COMING HOME by Meli Raine
Carrie comes home to a hot mess of unfinished business as she investigates her father's murder and finds her old flame, local police officer Mark, is not what he seems…and yet she can't stay away. (This is a complete trilogy.)

WATCH ME by Cynthia Eden
Watching gorgeous Gwen Hawthorne isn’t a hard job, but it’s certainly tempting. Chance Valentine has tried to keep his distance from Gwen for years, but when he’s hired to keep watch on her—as a twenty-four, seven bodyguard—Chance knows his control is about to be pushed to the limit. 

BLINDSIDED by Gwen Hernandez
Framed for espionage, reformed hacker Valerie Sanchez goes on the run, unaware that former Marine sniper Scott Kramer is hot on her trail. But when Valerie becomes an assassin's target, Scott questions his assignment, risking his life—and his heart—to keep her safe.

HARD TARGET by Pamela Clare
When a high-ranking US senator asks Cobra to protect his daughter, a midwife volunteering in Afghanistan, Derek’s gut tells him to turn the senator down. The last thing he wants to do is babysit an aid worker. But Jenna isn’t just another assignment. She’s also the younger sister of his best friend, the man who died taking bullets meant for him. There’s no way Derek can refuse.

While traveling in Turkey, a mugging leaves a grad student without money or passport. Desperate, she turns to an enigmatic stranger for help. The CIA operator knows she’s a courier for a terrorist cell. Is the sexy archaeologist as unwitting as she appears to be, or is she a conspirator?

COLD SIGHT by Leslie A. Kelly
Aidan McConnell reluctantly uses his psychic abilities to find the missing. Lexie Nolan is a small-town reporter on the trail of a serial killer. When more local teens go missing, Aidan and Lexie team up to save them. They must act fast because this sadistic killer doesn’t keep his victims alive for long…and time is running out.

DESPERATE PLAY by Barbara Freethy
Special Agent Wyatt Tanner thrives in the dark of the night. But living in the shadows can make a man forget who he really is. Can he trust the beautiful woman who needs his help? Or does she also have a secret life? He'll make one desperate play to find out…

COLD & DEADLY by Toni Anderson
Rookie agent Ava Kanas knows her mentor’s death was foul play, but no one believes her except FBI negotiator Dominic Sheridan. Fighting a forbidden attraction, Dominic and Ava search for clues and discover a serial killer is targeting agents. Can they find the killer before the killer destroys them both?

A fabulous Stark Security novel!

Get them all now in Dangerous to Love at any or all of the following:


Treat yourself today!

Just a quickie

Until I started reading romance, I wasn’t familiar with anthologies of anything but poetry. Then for a long time, I avoided these collections of short(er) stories, not sure I saw the point.

Publishers often put them out to promote newer authors, combining their novellas with one or two bestselling authors whose readers will automatically buy anything they put out. Good for the author and the publisher, but also good for the reader.

An anthology is an easy way to get a taste of an author you’ve never read before without a huge commitment of time or money. The only thing to keep in mind is that a 20,000 word story will not have the same depth of character and plot as a full novel.

Finding new authors aside, the reason I’m now an anthology convert is that I can enjoy a complete story without getting sucked in for a whole day. For me, a good book is as addictive as crack. I am pretty much incapable of putting it down unless I absolutely have to.

Short stories are great for reading on the cross-trainer or during lunch. I can start one while waiting at the orthodontist’s office, and if I get sucked back in at home, no biggie. Depending on the length, the whole read is one to two hours tops.

I still crave full-length novels, and give in to them several times a week—after I get my writing done—but for those days when I don’t have time for a full read, one story out of an anthology is just the thing I need.

I’m in the middle of two right now…

1. SEAL of My Dreams: a collection of very short but satisfying Navy SEAL stories written by eighteen romance authors with 100% of proceeds going to the Veterans Research Corporation, a non-profit fundraiser for veterans' medical research.

2. Rescue Me: a romantic suspense anthology with stories by Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, and Cindy Gerard.

What about you? Ever read any anthologies? Thoughts?

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