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I answer Scrivener questions from readers in my almost-monthly newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can fix that by clicking here.

Q&A Column Guidelines/Ideas

  • Ensure that your question isn’t time sensitive. I can’t guarantee when it will be included in the newsletter, or if it will be included at all.
  • Please include the platform (PC, Mac, iOS) and Scrivener version in your message.
  • Keep your question as simple as possible, but feel free to include screenshots to help me understand. I won’t use your images in my column and will make my own graphics, if necessary for clarity. No identifying information will be included.
  • If I choose your question, I may edit it for clarity, or to combine it with another question on the same topic.
  • Need some ideas? Consider asking about best practices for a certain type of project (e.g., memoir) or phase of writing (e.g., revisions), suggestions for how to accomplish something even if you don’t know the capability exists, how a certain feature works, or what a specific feature might be used for. Thanks!