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Scrivener Workshops

Want a Scrivener workshop for your next meeting or conference? Whether you're looking for a brief introduction or a deep dive into the software, I can create a tailored presentation for any size group, from a one-hour overview to an all day masterclass.

Example 1: Plot or Not with Scrivener 3

Scrivener is excellent writing software for both plotters and seat-of-the-pants writers. Want to find out what makes it so popular, or learn some new tricks? The author of Scrivener For Dummies will walk you through the basics and cover some of her favorite features.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • create a new project.
  • organize your manuscript.
  • import your existing work, notes, and pictures.
  • track your word count.
  • color code your files.
  • create a storyboard.
  • and more!

Example 2: Compiling in Scrivener 3

Learn how to turn your Scrivener manuscript into an EPUB, DOCX, or PDF file. This session will cover how to “get your work out” so you can format it in another program, and then provide an introduction to formatting in Scrivener.

This 1-hour workshop covers:

  • section types and section layouts.
  • quick and easy compiling. (Yes, it’s possible!)
  • creating an EPUB suitable for online retailers.
  • using Scrivener’s compile formats to create a DOCX or PDF.
  • an overview of how to customize a format.

Other Workshops

Losing the Plot: Writing by the Seat of Your Pants

The writing world is full of plotting methods, but what if none of them work for you? You’re not alone—and you’re not lazy or doing it wrong!—you might just be wired differently. Join this seasoned writer-without-a-plan for tips on figuring out what type of writer you are, why knowing matters, and how to make not plotting a manuscript less stressful.

The Power of Process

There is only one way to write: Your way. Learn more about trusting your process, how to find it in the first place, and why it matters for a sustainable author career.

Contact me for prices and availability. I'm currently located in Los Angeles (Redondo Beach), CA. For a list of my upcoming appearances, click here.

(Photo courtesy of Jared Hagan, Pike's Peak Writers Conference, 2022)