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Fun, sexy reads

Fun, sexy reads

Looking for fast-paced, sexy romantic suspense with military heroes? All books in the Men of Steele series are connected but can stand alone. Find fun facts and excerpts on each book's page.

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Scrivener Training for Everyone

Scrivener Training for Everyone

Need help with Scrivener? I provide Scrivener training to individuals and groups all over the world through online courses, in-person workshops, and private training sessions.

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Resources for Writers and Scrivener Users

Resources for Writers and Scrivener Users

A great reference for new and experienced Scrivener users, a guide to software and apps that help with productivity, and essays on every facet of writing from the Writer Unboxed contributors.

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New Author Quick Start Guide

Are you new(er) to writing or self-publishing? Check out these things 25 authors wished they knew before publishing (sadly not me because I got busy/distracted/whatever and didn't turn mine in on time).

My advice was going to be:

“Get feedback on your work before you self-publish. Whether it be from a critique partner, a paid editor, a trusted friend who can be brutally honest (my best asset), or a contest judge, don’t go to market cold. I’m glad there are no more gatekeepers deciding who and what gets published now, but I’m grateful for having gone through the traditional submission process and contest circuit before I decided to self-publish because it made me a better writer.”

Anyway, there are lots of other great tips in the The New Author Quick Start Guide from the folks over at

Who's that? Well, last year, created a massive bundle of self-publishing tools and resources that included ebooks, courses, writing software, and discounts on cover design and editing, and more.

All of these products were offered at a ridiculously discounted price and it was their most popular bundle of 2018.

But don't worry if you missed out, because now it's coming back better than ever! (Partly because I'm in it. LOL, mostly kidding, but hey, everyone's the hero of their own story, right…?) Anyhoo, Write Publish Profit 2.0 is here next week, loaded with tools to help you take your writing and self-publishing to the next level!

The New Author Quick Start Guide is an introduction to some of the experts involved in Write Publish Profit 2.0.

Inside, you’ll find best practices and advice for new authors from 25 professional writers, authors, and publishers.

When you download it, you’ll be added to the waiting list to be one of the first people to get access to over $4,000 worth of ebooks, courses (including one of mine!), software and other resources for 98% off the retail price when Write Publish Profit 2.0 becomes available.

Don't miss out! Get The New Author Quick Start Guide free today.

I hope you find it useful! If so, feel free to share this with all the writers in your life.

Scrivener webinar at Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing University

I’m giving a Scrivener webinar for Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula University (SPFU) on Wednesday, May 15th. You can join the fun for just $1 US by signing up to Mark’s Patreon account at the $1/week level (no long-term commitment required).

Patreon supporters get membership of SPFU (with five quality webinars so far in the library), exclusive contents, a shoutout on the podcast, and depending on level, an SPF pin, all PDFs and handouts mentioned in podcasts, and chances to win access to premium courses.

If you’re not familiar with Mark Dawson, he’s the man behind the popular Self Publishing Show podcast, and the author of bestselling thrillers, who generously gives of his time and knowledge to help indie authors succeed. In fact, his series on Amazon ads a couple of years ago gave me the confidence I needed to wade into advertising my books.

I hope you’ll join me for the webinar! Also, look for me on an upcoming episode of the Self Publishing Show.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.

See you there!

Book signing and a great sale

Hi! How’s May treating you? I have some quick news to share before we head into the weekend.

On Saturday, May 18th, I’ll be giving a short reading and signing my books at the Anaheim Public Library’s Romance Author Day. There’ll be twenty of us reading, participating in panels, and selling/signing books. If you’re going to be in the area, I hope to see you there! Admission is free.

Romance Author Day poster with 20 book covers on a pink background and text: "Romance Author Day, Saturday, May 18th, 1pm to 4:30pm, Anaheim Central Library.

SALE!! If you enjoy my books, you’ll adore Rachel Grant’s award-winning Flashpoint series. Each story has an archeology bent and features a kick-ass heroine teaming up with a sexy military hero to save the day.

For a limited time, you can get the first three books and a brand new novella for just 99 cents!

Box set cover with text: "4 pulse-pounding, edge of your seat, steamy military thrillers! Get the first 3 books in the series--all named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of the Year--plus a never-before-published novella! 99 cents, limited time.

Seriously, you don’t want to miss out on this deal. Get your copy at one of the following:

Have a great weekend!

Blind Justice gets a nice review at All About Romance

Ugh. Tax day. Wow, that bill hurt this year. I hope yours was better. Anyone else want to be a billionaire so you can get that big tax break? 😉

Blind Justice book cover: shirtless man in front of eerie forest

But, at least there was some uplifting news when I got to the office today. Blind Justice got a nice review from All About Romance!

Below are my favorite parts, in case you don’t want to read the entire article. 😀

Blind Justice is an entertaining read that combines a well-constructed suspense plot with a steamy romance featuring an attractive central couple.”

“…a solid, absorbing tale of romantic suspense.”

Intrigued? You can pick up Blind Justice in ebook or paperback at your favorite online retailer.

Amazon | Apple Books | Nook | Kobo/Walmart | Google Play

Want your local or online library to carry my books? Just ask them!

I hope you have some good news of your own. Feel free to share, and have a great day.