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Thanks to you

Thank you for being part of my online community, for reading my books and blog posts and newsletters, for taking my classes, for commenting and writing and spreading the word to your friends. I’m truly grateful to be able to write and teach, and that’s all due to you. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish

To all the veterans

Today I honor the men and women of all races, ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, political beliefs, religions (or lack thereof), and even different nationalities who’ve served in the US armed forces. I appreciate your commitment and sacrifice—and that of your families—whether you faced armed conflict or faced a computer. Special thanks to my husband, father,

Happy Halloween

  Happy Halloween! Are you a dress-up-hand-out-candy person, or a hide-in-/leave-the-house person? Now that my kids are grown, I’m the latter (yes, introvert), but I’d love to hear about your costumes, or your kids’ costumes.  Have a fun, spooky day.