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Screw this

Today I didn’t get a flat tire. We were in Birmingham for my boys’ swim meet (in which they each dropped many seconds over four events–yay!). Afterward, on the hunt for grass-fed beef–trying something new, joke away Rich–we decided to stop at Whole Foods. Haven’t been to that pricey place in ages, but we stuck

Nickel and dimed

I’m on a rant. I hate fundraisers. The elementary school wants me to buy something every other week. If it’s not T-shirts, it’s cookie dough, wrapping paper, or coupon books. The swim team–to which I already pay enough each month for a new car for God’s sake–wants us to bake goods, sling pancakes, sponsor a

Good karma

Forget the 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago I was drooling over last year. You know, the one that looks like a fighter jet without the wings, and has the really cool doors that swing up like a Swiss Army knife? (Okay, maybe forget is a little harsh…) I’m going green. My new drool-worthy automobile is the 2010

Addicted to blog stats

I’m addicted to my blog stats page. It’s kind of pathetic. These days I average about 30-50 views per day. That’s not unique visitors, but rather how many pages are viewed. It could be one energetic visitor, or a whole bunch of people who show up and don’t see anything interesting to look at. I

Around the world in 80 minutes

On Saturday, I had the good fortune to attend a cultural festival put on by military officers from more than 60 countries. They’re all attending an Air Force school here in the U.S., and the annual event is set up to give American officers and their families a taste of the food and dress of

Writing fools

I’m not so good with the pranks. Instead I’ll leave it up to the experts. Hey, even Nora Roberts gets in on the fun. If you’re a Brad Meltzer fan (I prefer his earlier works myself) read on. If not, just pretend they’re talking about your favorite best selling author and read on anyway. ūüėČ