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You don’t want to miss this…

One of my goals, when wearing my instructor hat, is to help you become a better and more efficient writer/self-publisher.

Usually I stick to Scrivener topics (since that's where my main expertise lies), but I'm always looking for other tools, ideas, and resources to share.

Well, today I’m excited to share the amazing deal I hinted at last week: Write Publish Profit 2.0.

Write Publish Profit 2.0 is a curated* collection of 40+ premium ebooks, ecourses (including one of mine!), extended free trials of premium software (including ProWritingAid and Authorcats), PDF workbooks, ready-to-use templates, and more.

Inside this bundle, you’ll find things like:

  • How to rank in the top 5000 books on the entire Amazon platform
  • Ways to transform your book from good to great through editing
  • The 12 Key pillars of Novel Construction
  • How to build a book sales page that sells
  • A primer on how to write short romance novels as a home-based business
  • Easy, organic, can't-fail ways to create compelling characters and plot your best-selling novel
  • How to get the most out of using Scrivener (FYI, that's me. 😉)
  • Free, versatile, professionally designed book trailers
  • The 7 “P’s” of publishing success
  • Plus memberships, discounts on writing software and much much more…

If you paid full price for each of these items, it would cost you more than $4,600. Instead, it's all packed inside Write Publish Profit 2.0.

This week only, you can get everything for 98% off. Basically, you get my class plus a whole ton of freebies for $10 ($0 for Windows users). And if you already have one of my intro courses, it's still an amazing bundle.

Click here to learn more about this limited time deal.

If Write Publish Profit 2.0 sounds like it's for you, don't wait! After next Tuesday, this it's gone.

Those of you who've been with me a while know I rarely promote outside offers. I only share things that I feel are a tremendous value that you'll want to know about.

I decided to participate in Write Publish Profit 2.0, because I felt like I could offer it to you with a clear conscience. It's an insane deal for so much useful content all bundled together in one place.

No pressure at all, but if it sounds like a great deal to you too, grab Write Publish Profit 2.0 before it expires.

And feel free to share this offer with a friend you think might benefit as well. 🙂

* Write Publish Profit 2.0 was put together by Cary Richards over at Can you believe he spent the last 8 months curating this impressive collection of resources? If you're not familiar with, they produce amazing bundle deals, and they have a fantastic refund policy (60 days, no questions asked money back guarantee).

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  1. Donna Lodge


    Hi Gwen:
    The promo for the WPP bundle isn’t clear to me: “This week only, you can get everything for 98% off. Basically, you get my class plus a whole ton of freebies for $10 ($0 for Windows users). And if you already have one of my intro courses, it’s still an amazing bundle.” What do you mean by “$0 for Windows users?”

    • Reply

      Sorry, Donna. I should have done a better job explaining. My Windows intro course is $49 (it has more lessons) and my Mac class is $39. So for Windows users who buy the bundle to get my class, it’s like getting everything else for free. Thanks!

      • Donna Lodge


        Hi Gwen:
        Thanks for the clairfication. I know Mary well–have her books, have taken on-line courses with her and on in Atlanta (a while ago). I agree, She’s terrific.

        • Reply

          Sure thing, Donna! Yes, Mary is fantastic. In addition to her online courses, I took her day-long workshop with Dianna Love in Alabama about ten years ago. She’s such a great teacher and a genuinely nice person. 🙂

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