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Scrivener 3 and a FREE mini-course

Scrivener 3 for Mac is here! To celebrate, I’ve created a free mini-course to help you transition from Scrivener 2 that covers what’s moved (with a downloadable table of menu commands), what’s changed, and what’s new.

In addition, I’ll be rolling out new Scrivener 3 for Mac courses over the next few weeks. I’m going to be taking a slightly different approach this time around, while offering the same style of teaching that you’ve told me you love. I hope you’ll check them out. To make sure you get notified when new classes are live, you can join my newsletter, follow this blog, or check from time to time.

Windows users: There’s still good news. The Scrivener 3 for Windows public beta released today as well, and the full software is due next year. When the time comes, I’ll have classes for you too. 😉

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  1. Jeffrey Perren


    Do you have a direct link to the beta for Scrivener 3 for Windows? I looked around the LL site but can’t find anything, though they talk about it being available at the same time as the regular Mac release.

  2. Annette Bourguet-Cone


    Hi Gwen,

    I’ve tried to sign in but nothing happens. It just goes back to the sign in window. Hope you can help.

    God Bless

  3. Mark Anderson


    Hi, Gwen. Excited to get back with the new courses and the new Scrivener version. I cannot Log In, however. Please inform regarding how to do that. Thanks.

  4. Reply

    These things always happen on release day! I was getting bot attacks and the fix my host recommended locked everyone out without me knowing it. Should be good to go now. Thanks everyone!

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