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Blind Ambition release day! (And a little green for St. Patrick’s Day.)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m celebrating by releasing Book 2 in my Men of Steele series, Blind Ambition. The cover is even green (you just have to look past the muscles).

Blind Ambition cover

Actually, the reason there’s a green jungle in the background is because the book takes place on the fictional island of St. Isidore, which is loosely based on St. Lucia. St. Iz has dangerous rebels running around kidnapping aid workers—like my heroine, Alexa—and generally terrorizing people. Luckily, St. Lucia does not.

For writing inspiration, I used several photos I took on a family vacation to St. Lucia back in 2008. It was our first visit to the Caribbean and I wanted the quintessential lush mountain paradise. We got it.

St. Lucia Mountain View

St. Lucia Beach View

Map of St. Lucia

Framed map of St. Lucia that adorns my office wall

When I started writing in 2009, I knew I wanted to set a book on an island like St. Lucia, but it has taken me a while to make it work. I had a lot of fun with this one, and I hope you adore Dan and Alexa as much I do.


Rescuing a kidnapped aid worker from St. Isidore’s dangerous rebels is just another day at work for former pararescueman Dan Molina. But his mission falls apart when the woman—who once shattered his heart—refuses to leave the island.

Alexa Alyssandratos can’t return to her life as a nurse on the hurricane-ravaged Caribbean island, but she won't leave until she’s certain the orphans she cared for—especially one sick little girl—are safe from the rebels. Denied their ransom, a would-be dictator and his soldiers are hunting Alexa, and Dan is the only person who can protect her. Old passions reignite as she and Dan race to save the children before they disappear forever.

By the way, I’m over at Kiss & Thrill today talking about different types of kisses (in honor of “Kiss me, I’m Irish”). Stop by and share your favorite type of book/movie kiss for a chance to win a copy of Blind Ambition.

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    Congratulations! I read the first chap. on Amazon last night! Wow! You have turned up the volume. You put some serious Gwen energy into it. Some kind of intense. You were not at a distance describing the scene. You were square in the middle of it. I think when a writer emotionally, relationally participates, the writing goes to a new level.

    It was late, as in 2:00 AM late when I read it. I planned to skim it and come back today. You ruined my plan. As soon as I had the image in mind I had to stay to see what happened. Excellent!

    • Reply

      Wow, Curtis, thank you! I can’t think of a better endorsement, and it means a lot to me. BTW, I believe you asked for some page numbers: 140, 206, 253. 😉

      • Reply

        LOL I also put this and a smudge more up on Kiss & Thrill. We need to share the love on this one for sure. ( thanks for the page numbers! With this one though, I will self impose the “no skipping” rule. 🙂

  2. Reply

    Chiming in so late here. Congrats on the release!! I love the cover, and look forward to reading it. And I need to add St. Lucia to my bucket list of places to visit……

    • Reply

      Yes, Gabrielle! I have at least two more in mind for this series. I’m working on them now and hope to have book three out later this year. Thanks! 😀

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