Gwen Hernandez

Author of romantic suspense. Scrivener expert.


I’m happiest when my work involves learning new things, solving problems, helping others, and digging into new technology. I crave a constant mental challenge. That’s probably why I was a systems analyst, business instructor, and manufacturing engineer before I started writing.

Writing romantic suspense keeps me fully engaged with research, solving plot puzzles, and figuring out my characters. My books and classes on Scrivener and other tech tools for writers feed my geeky soul as well as my desire to teach.

I have wandering feet, and travel is in my soul. Luckily I married an Air Force engineer who feels the same way. We have two of the world’s best teenage boys and the world’s laziest golden retriever living with us in northern Virginia.

When I’m not writing or traveling, I’m usually jogging, practicing Kung Fu, reading, or hanging out with my family.

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  1. Gwen, what a great adventure!

    Lori Scott
    San Antonio, TX 78258

  2. RE: your response to my post over on the RWA Pro-Org loop

    Thanks, Gwen!

  3. Gwen, as a fellow Scrivenite, I am delighted to have found your blog (I am Mollys Mum on the Scriv forums). What a wealth of information. I just dipped my toe into the ocean of blogging last week myself–am still learning the ropes, but decided on WordPress and recognized your beautiful banner right away. My own book is basically a romance–great genre, very true to the heart of life (I haven’t read your “Why I Write Romance” yet, as I just got here a few minutes ago, but am looking forward to it. May I like to your blog once I get my own up and running?

    I have every How-To book on writing on the market, culled over a passion that stretches back over 40 years, and if I could recommend one over all the rest it would be Sol Stein’s “Stein on Writing.” (Sorry, can’t figure out how to do italics.” He is to my mind the absolute master of the craft.

    The very best of luck with your writing! I’vebookmarked this blog and will stop by again soon. :-)

    • Hey, zoeenglish! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoy my site. Good luck with your own blogging. You are absolutely welcome to link to this site when you’re up and running.

      I’ll have to check Stein’s book. I’m always looking for valuable insight into the craft. I look forward to seeing you again online!

  4. Gwen: Hey! We belong to the “Body Disposal” workshop online and I noticed that you are (1) an Air Force wife (thank you and your husband for yoru service) and (2) moving to the DC area.

    I live near PaxRiver NAS and am attorney for the Navy – NAVIR in particular – whihc is about 1.5 hours south of DC. I love how you set up your website – and I think that I need to do it as well. I am almost (55, 400 words of my projected 60K) finished with my first manuscript which is aimed at the Blaze line.

    Looking forward to getting to know you and about all your writing progress! And myabe we can hook up when you move here!

    Robin Coll

    • Hi, Robin. I would love to meet up with you. My dad’s getting ready to retire from Portsmouth this summer. With him, I was an Army and Navy brat. If he’d only done Marines, I’d have it all. ;-)

      Good luck finishing up the MS. I’m in revisions on my third, but it’s my first romantic suspense, which is really what I want to write.

      I’m glad you like the site. Let me know if you have any questions. It’s really just a WordPress blog set up to look like a webpage. Much simpler than the fitness page I did in Dreamweaver a few years ago!

      See you on the loop!

  5. Hey Gwen

    Thanks for thecomment and for stopping by my blog.


  6. You are very hard to track down. You probably should have a way to contact you thru this.
    You have won the purple tote of goodies I’m giving away on Attacking the Page.
    Could you send your snail mail addy to:


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