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A Scrivener Story Genius template and an iOS course

Story Genius and Scrivener

Story Genius book and Scrivener logo

If you’re a fan of Story Genius by Lisa Cron, I published an article at Writer Unboxed on Sunday about how to use Scrivener to work through the Story Genius process. I also included a Scrivener template—reviewed and approved by Lisa Cron—that I created to go with it.

Even if you aren’t familiar with Lisa’s book—which I highly recommend for all types of fiction writers—you might find the discussion of how to set up a project useful/interesting. 😀

Scrivener for iOS Training

iOS Welcome Screen

Love the idea of using Scrivener on your iPad or iPhone, but need help? I offer private training on the iOS version, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly and incredibly thorough online course, you can’t go wrong with Steve Shipley’s new Udemy course.

Steve is a Scrivener super user who built the course with Scrivener for Windows developer Lee Powell. The class is on sale now, with an extra discount through the end of March if you use the link above.

I hope your writing is going well, and that the groundhog is good to you tomorrow!


  1. Lison,


    Hi Gwen, can you tell me if they will launch Scrivener for Android soon ?
    Have a nice day, Lison,

    • Reply

      Hi, Lison! At this point, I haven’t heard anything about Scrivener for Android. I’m sure it’s on their long-term plan, but I have no idea when. The big focus right now is getting Windows and Mac to be the same, which should happen later this year. Hope you’re doing well!

  2. Reply

    Hi Gwen,
    Thanks for posting the iOS class, I don’t see a discount other than it’s on sale right now.

    I read that you’re doing private training on iOS, I’m having syncing issues 🙂 Are you planning on doing a course to add to your other courses?

    Hope you’re settled in and love Sacto.
    Leslie Ann

  3. Reply

    Oh, Gwen, forget that part about the discount code. I looked at his regular price and by using the link you’re offering a FABULOUS discount.

    • Reply

      Hi, Leslie! Glad the link is working. I do offer private training for any of the Scrivener platforms. If you’re interested, you can schedule something using the link on my main page, or email me through the Contact page. I don’t currently have plans for an iOS course. After seeing Steve’s I don’t think I could put together something better, or beat his price.

      We are enjoying Sacramento, especially now that winter’s here. Definitely don’t miss the New England or Mid-Atlantic winter temps. 😉 Thanks!

    • Reply

      Good question, iRoswell. You’d need to add the template to your PC or Mac and create the project on there first. Then save or move it to the Dropbox folder you’re synced with on iOS.

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