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New year, new office



I got a new office!

I wasn’t supposed to get an office, but then my husband decided to paint our older son’s room in preparation for our possible move this summer (more on that when we get orders). After spending a few nights in the guest room (an old master suite), my son asked if he could stay. He’s only going to be with us until August—then he’s off to college, sniff, sniff—so we said yes.

His younger brother, Taz, is handling it admirably since he’ll get the queen bed after WileE moves out, and the whole room if we stay. ;-)

My old office was actually a corner of our oversized—thanks to the previous owners’ addition—master suite. Now instead of staring at my bed, clean laundry that needs folded, and the side of my neighbor’s house, I have a view of trees and the street through two windows, and a room all to myself.

Not the ocean view I aspire to, but an improvement for sure.

I love the blue color—good for creativity!—and the fact that I don’t have to worry about interruptions now that I’m not in a multi-purpose room. Plus, I used to sometimes avoid spending time at my desk because I was getting sick of working and sleeping in the same place. No more (unless you catch me napping on the carpet).

Anyway, we’ll probably be downsizing and I may be back to sharing if we move this summer, but for now, I’m enjoying my new space.

What would your ideal office look like?

Author: Gwen Hernandez

Author of SCRIVENER FOR DUMMIES & BLIND FURY. Manufacturing engineer turned romantic suspense writer. Scrivener instructor, runner, reader, explorer, Kung Fu sifu, AF spouse, mom, vegan.

11 thoughts on “New year, new office

  1. I just commandeered a room too. My window looks out at the Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains. I’m a little concerned I will be majorly distracted, though. I know – poor me! It’s good to get that dedicated space.

    • themercerweave: Wow! That sounds like a fantastic view. I would choose to see it as inspiring rather than distracting. I like to have something calming and pleasant to look at. I think I need to find a good picture for the wall space between the windows… Yay on getting your own office space. I hope it leads to lots of productivity!

    • Pretty cool! There is nothing better than our own places to write and be undisturbed. My writing desk sits in front of two windows facing out on our back yard and farm fields beyond. The Union Pacific Railroad tracks run off to the left, passing below our little town’s water tower. I find lots of inspiration writing in this setting. :-)

  2. Well, I’m signed up for your Scrivener class next month, so I’ll get to test drive it!

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  4. Glad you like your new office Gwen. Is blue really good for creativity or is that a subjective view? I get my hour a day in before the sun rises so the view is unimportant really. I don’t have an “office” more of a dedicated corner!

    • Clive: I happen to love blue, but studies have shown that it’s better for creativity. Here’s an article on it from a few years ago: I take advantage of this to make my Scrivener full screen background red when I edit, and blue when I’m writing (or a soothing ocean photo).

      As long as your office works for you, that’s what matters. I can work anywhere, but I’m really finding I want to spend more time in my new office. Maybe that will wear off eventually, but I hope not. ;-)

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