Gwen Hernandez

Author of romantic suspense. Scrivener expert.

Happy holidays!


Merry Christmas and happy winter holidays. I hope you and your family are having a wonderful day. Enjoy the last week of the year!

Christmas Tree

Author: Gwen Hernandez

Author of SCRIVENER FOR DUMMIES & BLIND FURY. Manufacturing engineer turned romantic suspense writer. Scrivener instructor, runner, reader, explorer, Kung Fu sifu, AF spouse, mom, vegan.

12 thoughts on “Happy holidays!

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Lovely tree. Looks like you have cards in it for decorations.?

  2. Thanks Gwen, Merry X’Mas and A Happy New Year to you & family, Regards, Khalid Aziz


  3. Merry Christmas, Gwen!
    You were a significant part of my 2013. The Scrivener course helped tremendously! I did publish a little ebook (there should be an “ebooklet” category. LOL) last month. I mentioned you at the end, with a sincere “thank you”. I’ll email you the epub file.

    • Thanks so much, Ferd! Your book looks great, and I’m honored that you thought to include me. I agree, there should be an e-booklet category. That’s what my Productivity Tools book is as well. Good luck in the new year! :-)

  4. Merry Christmas Gwen, I hope the year 2014 will be for you as successful as 2013 !

  5. Happy holidays to you as well, and may the new year bring you much joy, laughter, and (more) success!
    Take care,
    Paul :-)

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