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Finding the “write” gift


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Need some last minute gift ideas for the writers in your life? (Or maybe your spouse or partner needs ideas for you.) While I’m all for consumable gifts that minimize clutter and the need for returns—like homemade treats and movie/restaurant gift cards—here are a few items I think most writers would be happy to receive.

~ A good thesaurus. Writers are always hunting for the perfect word and trying not to use the same word over and over (like I just did), which makes a thesaurus invaluable. Roget’s is always nice, but I think The Describer's Dictionary is even better.

~ A lap desk. Whether we write longhand or on a laptop, a lap desk makes it easier to do it in our favorite chair, or even on the road.

~ Noise-canceling headphones. For the writer who can’t handle distractions and/or likes to get their creativity flowing with music. If you’re feeling especially generous, pair these with a gift card to Starbucks or Panera.

~ Aqua Notes or a scuba slate. Know a writer who gets his best ideas in the shower? With one of these handy water-proof gems, he’ll never lose another amazing plot twist or opening line.

~ Fingerless gloves/mittens. One of my must-haves! In the winter I can’t write without my fingerless gloves. These are also excellent for those who work in a cold office any time of year. Try Etsy for some great hand-knitted options. Or knit them yourself.

~ Bookstore gift card. Writers are usually readers. Avid readers. So buy them a gift card to their favorite local bookstore or online retailer. You can never have too many books on your shelf or e-reader!

~ Craft books. For the writer who doesn’t have a library of writing books established, consider buying them your favorite book on the subject. Need some ideas? Check out this list of some of my favorites.

~ Mugs. Most writers are fueled by coffee or tea, which means a mug is always in fashion. Try a literary mug, something inspirational, or for the Scrivener fan, this one.

~ Time and space. Maybe all the writer in your life needs is time to write, or a new space in which to do it. Take the kids to the park or the movies and leave her at home in peace. If you have an old closet or bedroom that’s accumulating junk, take a trip to Goodwill, give the space a coat of paint, and add a desk. Your writer will be thrilled. Need some inspiration? Check out this site.

I’ve also had requests for gift cards to my upcoming classes. Want to buy one? Contact me for more info.

Got any other great writerly gift ideas? Please share them. One commenter (U.S. or Canada only, please) will win a signed copy of Scrivener For Dummies to keep or give away.

I'll choose the winner next Tuesday night and announce in my Wednesday post. 🙂

Tell your friends!


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    • Reply

      Beyondpaperediting: Thanks for the suggestions! I’m not even remotely crafty unfortunately, but I have many readers who are. Have a great holiday!

    • Reply

      islandowl: I agree. I thought of Scrivener, of course, but figured maybe it was too obvious for my site? 😉 Evernote Premium is a fabulous idea. I upgraded several months ago since I used the heck out of the free version. Love. Evernote.

      I’ve played around with Workflowy, and I want to use it, but I found that I just don’t. Not sure why. Anyway, great ideas, thanks!

      • islandowl


        I tend to use Workflowy more as my master ToDo list but that includes my writing tasks.

        The trick with Workflowy is to utilize the search capability by putting contexts or key words into your content. It will hyperlink on any word with an @ or #. So when I am typing a note to myself of a call I need to make I type “@call Fred re: Folksinging Weekend.” If I do a search on@call it pulls up all the calls I need to make no matter where they are scattered in my outline. Or if I search on #RainyCamp it will pull up all the tasks I have associated with that. You can do combination and exclusion searches too.

        I am doing a lot of work on my sites right now. But as soon as they are running well I will be writing again. One of the first posts will be to review Workflowy. I’ll ping you when I post it.

  2. Reply

    If you can’t think of one thing to give a writer friend, how about a gift basket filled with such items as some pencils, a note pad, fancy teas, hot chocolate, cleverly-shaped paperclips, and, depending on your budget, assorted snacks and a classic book like “Room to Write” by Bonni Goldberg or “Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader” by Anne Fadiman.

    Be sure to shop local, shop independent to help support your neighboring businesses.

    • Reply

      Gift baskets are a nice idea, Jeannie. I’m thinking maybe you’ve done this before. 😉 And thanks for the reminder to shop local/independent. Happy holidays!

  3. Reply

    Oooh, that Aqua Notes sounds interesting. I’ll have to mention that to the hubby. Thanks for the tip! Happy Holidays!! 🙂

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