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Keep it short

Had to attend a school function tonight for my son. I now have the following advice on awards ceremonies.

  1. Keep it short. Especially on a school/work night.
  2. Forget dinner, just get to the awards and cake.
  3. Have an emcee to keep you on track if you’re not good at it.
  4. Have everything organized and ready to go. Get the freshman to help.
  5. The video could be half or one-quarter as long and we’d all be just as happy. Happier even.
  6. Ditto with the slide show.
  7. Keep it short. It’s a freaking school/work night!

Thank you.



  1. Reply

    High School or Middle School? I liked how a lot of the MS functions were run — fast and efficient at my teen’s old school. HS has been interesting–some things last forever, others go by quickly. I bring a pillow to sit on and read my Nook.

      • Reply

        My least favorite was Back To School night with the long long long chats by the teacher (s). Sooooo glad she’s in HS now–just have to go watch her sing, dance, act.

        • Reply

          Oh yes, those do go on. We still have them, but each teacher only gets about 10 mins. It’s the video from the school board and the talk from the principal and PTA that drag…

          I’m totally into my kids’ education, but I’m all about efficient delivery of info too. 🙂

  2. Reply

    I have to admit it… I am so glad I no longer have to worry about these, and don’t yet have kids to worry about the next round. Kids can come soon, graduations can wait a while.

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